Thursday, August 23, 2007

disappointment, the haiku, parrot

In the car park outside Sainsbury's, I spot a stall on which I can read the words "roasted" and "free sample". Suddenly I have an overwhelming desire for a quick shot of espresso. I think to myself, here's a new brand of coffee being promoted. I walk up the stall, and as I see the qualifying word "Felix", a uniformed girl asks, "do you have a cat?

Five, seven and five,
In English from Japanese,
Fits like foot in sock.

In Chapel Place the other day, people were looking up and saying, "there's a parrot up there somewhere". You could hear it but not see it. It was the same yesterday and again today.


tristan said...

maybe that 3rd line could work in the plural, too

Unknown said...

I played around that.