Wednesday, November 07, 2007

toe, polishing, wind watching

The windows of Hooper's department store are draped with red theatre curtains. The inspiration of a forthcoming window display is announced across the curtains in gold letters as: "Sleeping Beauty. English National Ballet". In one window, creeping beneath the curtain is, intriguingly, the naked toe of a mannequin.

Against the war memorial opposite the public library is a ladder. The memorial consists of a life size bronze statue of a fully equipped soldier on top of a marble plinth. This morning, on top of the ladder is a man polishing the statue with a cloth , making it ready, presumably, for the Rememberance Sunday parade.

You can see the wind as it chases the leaves over the grass and across the paths in Calverley Park.


Lucy said...

'Who has seen the wind?'
An AA Milne poem that curiously gave me a nightmare, one of the earliest I remember, in fact it was the Shepherd illustration of an elusive racing human form delineated by blowing leaves...

Unknown said...

I remember that illustration, and I think it was probably at the back of my mind as I saw those leaves yesterday.