Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mostly students, oil, lime flowers

This wall outside the Tunbridge Wells Education Institute where evening and other adult education classes take place. The names and countries testify to a number of overseas students.

Somebody in the pub says: "My brother's in oil". It reminds me, though I do not say so, of a cartoon in which one woodworm beatle says to another: "My husband's in antique furniture." I think, now, of two sardines having a similar conversation.

The lime trees are begining to flower.The tight spherical buds open beneath the pale green bracts, which will soon carry the seeds in the wind. Miniature spiked green balls are already in the horse chestnut trees. It is strange to think of Autumn when Summer is barely with us.
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Anonymous said...

I had just the same reflection this morning, noticing the infant horse chestnuts. Was it only a week or two ago when they were displaying those huge creamy candelabra?

Unknown said...

Yes, and I forgot to mention tiny embryo acorns on the oak trees.

Lucas said...

I like this photograph of the wall with its newly scratched names, like the stories of their owners juxtaposed or interweaving as the case may be.

Lucy said...

I wonder what Jesus was studying!

The brother in oil reminded me of an old number by the performance poet John Cooper Clark, who overheard in a hotel frequented by commercial travellers ' I'm travelling in biscuits, but it's getting me nowhere.'