Wednesday, September 03, 2008

composition, restless, right

Weed and lampost.

From the train I see two people walking across a field in bright sunshine. They are in the middle of the field and the grass is green. Wouldn't it be good to be one those people, I think to myself! And at the same time I wonder whether one of them, seeing the train pass, might think to himself, how good it would be to be on that train speeding towards London. There comes into my mind an occasion 60 years ago when I was walking along the cliff path between Poole and Weymouth in Dorset. Far down below, on an otherwise deserted beach, someone was about to enter the water. And, while I was pleased to be where I was, I found that I also wanted to be below on that lovely beach. Fortunately, contemplative disciplines and the lethergy of advancing years help to banish such restless desires.

I think to myself, today, that I am so often mistaken in my judgements, that I have reason to be surprised, as well as pleased, when one of them turns out to have been correct.
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