Saturday, November 15, 2008

leaf prints, clear, ads

Posted by Picasa After heavy rain, leaf prints again, this time on the paving stones of the path leading to our front door. I resist the temptation to modify the photograph, and show the shadowy images as they appear.

Having switched to Google Mail and acquired a new email address, I no longer have spam to contend with. Instead Google picks up the words that occur in the emails, and feeds you with links to advertisers. This happens to the emails, which automatically relay comments made on this blog. So that this morning in response to my reference to a garlic crusher, there are links in an adjoining window to: hire/sales of mixers, spreaders and crushers; crusher spares; impact crushers; and, introducing an even more surreal dimension, jaw crushers.

Free working space in any work room or study has to be protected. I have a work table as well as a desk. Anything left on either, not directly connected with work in progress, I have a compulsive need to remove. And that goes even for dust.


Zhoen said...

They shut down a large spammer site. It'll be back, though.

Makes me glad I have an ISP that aggressively goes after spam. Keeping away from all group/multiple forwarded emails, never responding to pop-ups (blocking them with Pith Helmet in the first place), never giving out my email to anyone I don't know, all helps keep it down, too.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

On my way to an appointment yesterday, I admired some leaf prints on a sidewalk and thought of you, and was sorry that I did not have my camera.

Lucas said...

I think this is the most abstract yet clearly defined and therefore fascinating leaf print I have seen.

Lucy said...

Funny, I looked at it and wondered if I would have tweaked it, before reading what you said. I'm glad you didn't.

Gmail seems quite sound, I have one but don't use it, so far our Wanadoo address seems quite spam-free, touchwood, Amazon-France's repeat antedated e-mails seeming to be the most annoying things that happen and I did once buy something from them so they can't really be called spam. I did come across someone whose Gmail address was hijacked and being used to send spam from. this happens with hotmail but is still quite rare with Gmail, I think. We used a gmail account editing qarrtsiluni, those linked ads are sometimes funny.

Sorry to miss the garlic crusher post!

Dave King said...

I, too, have just switched to Google mail. I've not been so pestered as yet, but thanks for the warning!

Unknown said...

So far Google Mail seems to work well. The advertisment links are not too intrusive, and allow you to say whether you like them or not. I expect, Dave, that you have them too! So far, after several weeks, no Spam at all.
Sorry that you didn't have your camera M-J, perhaps next time. I'm glad you like the abstract quality of the leaves, Lucas. More abstracts are on the way.
Lucy, I did tweak it and then untweaked it. What was interesting was that, after tweaking, it look like a rather over-worked drawing, which wasn't what I wanted, but might have been interesting in another context.