Monday, August 16, 2010

free, weekend, beech

Posted by Picasa|A breezy day at St Leonards.

 I Overlook this in my notebook from last Friday. The gift of prophecy is  often something to do with being prepared. In the building society, I am greeted by a familiar face. I say to myself I know what she is going to say, and lo, she says it, as she hands my pass book back to me: "Are you doing anything nice for the weekend?" And I say to her as I always say: "I do something nice every weekend. And every weekday as well."

In The Grove is a copper beech with a canopy, which is almost perfect in its symmetry. I walk past it this afternoon, especially to look at it again. Round its trunk the canopy has cast a shadow which has imprinted itself permanently in a circle of brown or grass and bare earth, now scattered with mast.

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Lucas said...

Clicking on the photograph suggests that the territorial disputes of the ground do not extend to the skies where freedom reigns and a kind of togetherness or mutual awareness.