Thursday, September 06, 2012

retail daft brevity

Retail contrasts past and present in St Leonards.

An argument in progress at the bottom of The High Street. Middle aged woman to husband at the top of her voice: "I don't want afternoon tea now. Don't be daft I want it later." A nervous smile glazes her sharp featured face.
A new planet has swum into my ken. Here's the link: I have fallen in love with the banner photograph, and with the idea of a blog focussed on short, short stories. Just a few words these days when there is so much to look at and to read, are much to be thankful for especially when they are packed with thought provoking images.

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Lucy said...

Rather a pity about the best mutton being superseded by Bella's Nails, which I suppose might be sported by the best mutton dressed up as lamb...

I like that flash fiction blog. Especially appreciate that he says Walter de la Mare is his poetry hero! He has a most interesting face too.