Monday, December 10, 2012

Waterloo toppling history


Sad to reflect on a diminishing Christmas card list and be reminded of new absences all too permanent.

English history is deeply ingrained, breathed in with school lessons and Shakespeare's history plays, but I still have a problem, especially in the medieval period, remembering and distinguishing between all the Williams and Henrys and  Edwards. To remind me of who's who and what they did I am reading and enjoying A Short History of England by Simon Jenkins.  It is mercifully short and sharp. Apart from nudging my memory it is a racy read, a good story.

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Lucy said...

I find that, though I love the mediaeval period to read and learn about, I do get bogged down with the kings, with a few exceptional figures and events which I can pin things on, such as the Henry II, Eleanor, Richard the Lionheart bit, etc. So the book sounds a good one.