Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dried cherries, willow herb, Cabbage Stalk Lane

Dried cherries retain the shape of the fruit and concentrate its flavour; they are much to be prefered to crystalised cherries, with their surplus sugar and garish appearance. We find the dried variety among a vast display of dried fruit and nuts at the French market in the Pantiles.

On the Common are stately spikes of rosebay willow herb, now adorned with wooly seeds, They like hang around like fashion models waiting their turn on the catwalk.

From the delightfully named Cabbage Stalk Lane, which leads from the Common to High Rocks Lane, I hear the almost forgotten sound of a steam train on the restored single track line from Tunbridge Wells to High Rocks.

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Lucas said...

I have rather an unusual LP - it is a recording of the sounds of steam trains of the world and you get the names of the locamotiv and the line the recording was made on. It is filed next to John Coltrane in my jazz collection.
I have also played it to my friend Bob Trellisand who thinks it is cool as it reminds him of his days overlooking the St.Albans-Kings Cross line.