Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sun after rain, two crows, film stars

After the rain the sun comes out and warms the grass, which steams.

In the Grove two crows walk and hop. They walk, one foot at a time pecking at the grass as they go. When they want to make more progress without going to the trouble of flying, they hop, both feet coming off the ground at the same time.

When I tell a friend about the shop window in which there are at present pictures of 20th century film stars, he fetches an album of cigarette cards "issued by John Player and Sons" entitled "Film Stars third series". There they are, over glamorous paintings, in which even the men appear to be wearing make up - Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper, Bette Davis, Gracie Fields, Erol Flynn, Vivien Leigh, Ray Milland, Laurence Olivier, James Stewart, and many others. Each card has been pasted in the place assigned to it, where there is a brief biography beneath the frame. Each picture is autographed by the star. It would be surprising if any were still alive.


Lucas said...

Cigarette cards could be won in two ways - flickams, which involved flicking out one card then your opponent flicked out a card and so on until one of the cards crossed or covered another card. This meant the winner took all. Droppams - which meant that you played only two cards between you and the first to cross or cover the other card won. But of course to have a complete set as described in Best of Now was and is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

They are alive, dammit, and as long as you keep bringing them up we're all destined to endure their immotality!