Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holly,grapes,time to stare

Holly trees are laden with clusters of bright red berries. I am not sure that I believe the saw that this betokens a hard winter.

Bunches of ripe grapes tumble over a neighbour's wall. I steal a bunch. The grapes are small and not very sweet, and each contains a large pip. But, what is it they say about stolen fruit?

The slogan of this log (and others like it eg the emotional blackmailers handbook and three beautiful things) must be
" ... what is life, if full of care
we have no time to stand and stare?".


tristan said...

ezzackerly ... in fact, the last time i ever saw my late dad was when i took him to see w h davies' derelict cottage at nailsworth

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! I was inspired by Three Beautiful Things as's such a great idea! Have you read anything by Wendell Berry? Your writing style reminds me of his...he writes about cultivation and nature as well.