Friday, July 06, 2007

book space, torta, dry

Making space on bookshelves is the hardest of tasks, but rewarding when the shelves are unencumbered with books resting horzontally on top of their properly arranged companions, or squeezed in too tightly where they don't belong. Sad though to say goodbye even to the scruffiest of books which you are least likely to need again. Though you know, that once it is gone, you will remember it and find a need for it.

A thin, Spanish biscuit made with olive oil, sugar and flour and season with aniseed. Rich but not too sweet, crunchy but giving.

A day, the first for a week - it seems a month - with any rain at all.


tristan said...

have you tried the similar italian "taralli al finnochio" ?

Lucy said...

We once had to drive all the way back down to the English Bookshop in Josselin to retrieve a hastily discarded tome!