Thursday, October 25, 2007

lost, juggler, shared

The first good thing about losing my notebook this morning is that it had not been in use for long and so contained little of value. The second is that I was able to remember the latest entries, and the third will be if someone finds it and, as my name and address is on page 1, sends it back to me.

Sitting on a bench on the station platform is a young man juggling three, soft, plastic balls. After a while, he stands up and practices with the three balls using one hand.

In the train a young couple sit side by side doing separate sudokus in separate newspapers, but they share a Bic pen, holding it upright ready for the other to take, when it is needed. They do not speak, but the sharing is so nicely managed that you feel that they are happy in one another's company.

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Sara said...

Always a treat to read your blog Joe. I remember when I was 18 losing my diary when I was working on a kibbutz in Israel. I spent many frantic phone calls trying to retrieve it once I was back home in the UK. Now, many years later I just wonder if it entertained anyone.