Sunday, November 18, 2007

swearing,window display, wet and dry

The BBC, I see, has been censured for a serious breach of guidelines. Apparently the word "fuck" was broadcast three times between 14.50 pm and the end of the Live Earth Show. Someone must have been listening and counting carefully.

In the window of a shop, which has been vacant for a few months, two women delicately paint the window frames and sills, as though they are performing an intricate mime.

From the dry, I watch the rain falling outside, and the drops collecting on the window.


Rebecca said...

Well, I'm curious....would two instances of saying "fuck" be okay? In the US, it never would have made it past the censors. I count on the BBC to be a bit raunchy! It makes things ever so much more interesting.

Blessed be!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment. The word was first used on British TV about 40 years ago by a critic called Kenneth Tynan in a chat show. And there was a scandal. It is only recently that it has become common to hear it in movies. On British TV there is what is called the 9 pm watershed. After that you can show nudity and broadcast taboo words provided they are justified by the context. I find the whole phenomenon rather strange, why some words should so uspset people, I mean. Most children it seems use "fuck" and such like when their parents are not around, from an early age, just because they know it is naughty. In Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion,written in the early part of the 20th Century, the word "bloody" was introduced to shock the audience, and in those days, it did! I reported the BBC event as part of life's rich pattern and because it sounded rather funny.