Friday, February 15, 2008

What did you say? swinging, next feast

In the newagent, the young man behind the counter says something to me in a language I do not understand, nor recognise.It takes some moments to discover that he is talking into a no-hands telephone hanging round his neck. It is a relief not to have to reply.

A woman passes me with bouquet of flowers in one hand. She swings it like a club as she marches up Mount Pleasant as though she intends to hit someone with it.

Valentine's Day is history. Outside The Barn Bar and Grill, a notice advises Mothers' Day. Book Today.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, do we skip Easter this year?

(Oh, I know, no one takes Mom or girlfriend out then.)

Lucy said...

Perhaps the woman had just hit someone with it... her hapless Valentine even?