Sunday, July 13, 2008

another bud, hypnosis, greetings and farewells

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Sometimes I think buds are preferable to flowers. This agapanthus will surely open in style, but there is something dramatic about the potential compared with its achievement.

In the chemist I see a display of "Hypnosis CDs". They offer a range of treatments remarkable in their variety:
Joyful Pregnancies
Develop You Self-Confidence
Overcome the Fear of Flying
Develop a Powerful Memory
Overcome Exam Nerves

In the supermarket this morning, an assistant at the deli-counter sends a customer on her way with: "Have a wonderful Sunday". At the bakery counter the young man in a bakers' cap and working jacket says to me. "I haven't seen you for some time. I've been away for two weeks. Ah, yeast, I said to myself!"


Roderick Robinson said...

I seem to recall there were other methods for overcoming a fear of flying. No CD involved

Dave King said...

Yes, the appearance of the bud always (nearly always) gives me a greater thrill than when the flower opens in all its glory. I thought it was something strange about me! Incidentally, there is a touch of surrealism in the coming together of the topics in your heading. Was that intended? Either way, it was well done.

Unknown said...

Putting together three beautiful things on a daily basis was the idea of Clare Grant whose Blog, Three beautiful things (see links in next column)inspired this one. Early on I realized that noting three things had, as one of its attractions, the contrast of quite different "beautiful things". So quite often a surreal contrast occurs, though not necessarily on purpose. This time it was by chance. Thanks for your observation, Dave.