Wednesday, March 11, 2009

rosemary, pancakes, shopping

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Another harbinger of spring.
Yesterday: spinach pancakes. A sauce of chopped spinach combined with béchemel, seasoned with nutmeg and made succulent with butter and minced pancetta, is enclosed in the rolled pancakes and served along side them . Today pancakes made with the rest of the batter are served with lemon juice and sugar as on Shrove Tuesday.
Long live pancakes.
The two crows, whom I refer to as Mr and Mrs Crow, circle the Grove and descend to do some shopping. Under the trees they busy themselves collecting twigs in their beaks. I don't know which one is Mrs Crow, but I suspect that it is she who is clearly more interested in the process than her mate. While she collects more and more twigs in her beak, he contents himself with one twig, and mooches around until she is ready. Then they both fly off, he ahead of her, whereupon he will presumably supervise her assembling the nest.


The Crow said...

Crows build their nests together, for the most part. Part of the bonding ritual each season includes the male presenting a twig or two to his mate. They can be quite funny doing so.

I observed this behavior one February and wrote a short story about it. I'm looking for it to post using one of my adopted words - nidifice.

Nice photo of the rosemary and flowers.

Zhoen said...

Did your Mrs. Crow roll her eyes at him? If not, the roles could well be reversed.