Wednesday, April 18, 2007

bouquet, down, raptor And photos

Trunk line

In the a crack between two paving stones in a neighbouring front garden, presented as a bouqet: a group of bluebells, a dandelion flower and a dandelion clock.

Down from hazel and other trees begins to float on the wind abovethe vegetable garden.

As I sit outside looking up at the afternoon sky, I see what must be a raptor - a sparrow hawk perhaps - circling, without once moving its wings, on a thermal, high above the edge of the town. It disappears. A few minutes later, I see it again patroling the same patch of sky. I go indoors to fetch my field glasses, but it seems to have gone for good.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Good to see some photos, Plutarch, nice ones too, though the bauble 'ego' one is rather coy.
Could have been a buzzard?