Saturday, February 02, 2008

dream, cheerful tale, real fly,

Though I seldom remember dreams, I recall waking last night in a worried state of mind. I had been dreaming about a gangster who had a hold over me, and wanted me to belong to his gang, which did all sorts of bad things. What was worrying me was that these things were so bad that I could see no way out, other than to shoot the gangster. My first problem was how to get hold of a gun and having acquired one and shot the gangster, how I was to dispose of the body. Little details concerned me, like how to learn to use the gun efficently. On waking I was still trying to answer these questions, and it was some time before I was able to relax and enjoy the feeling that I needed no gun and had to shoot no one.

The son of someone I know has drink problem which has resulted in the break up of his marriage. This morning, my friend tells me a story with a cheerful outcome. Last night her son , J, had dinner with his wife and children and instead of going off to a pub afterwards to drown his sorrows, he took the underground back to where he was staying with a friend. On the platform of the station a young couple were having a row. The young man went away and left the girl on her own, whereupon she sat down on the edge of the platform, with her legs dangling over the edge. J went over to persuade to get up and stand out of danger. Just in time because a minute later a non-stop train swept past. A step on the way to sobriety.

The morning sun casts a reflection of the window, filled with light, on to the white wall opposite. On the reflection, crawls, unreflected, a real fly.

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