Wednesday, February 27, 2008

slogans, fragrance, looking down

It is nice to be reminded (in an article in The Independent, of slogans from the Paris of 40 years ago."Il est interdit d'interdire"; "Soyez realiste, demandez l'impossible"; "Imagine- c'est la guerre et personne n'y va"; and above all; "Je suis marxiste, tendance Groucho" . What joy 'twas then to be alive! To be young was very bliss!

A new book called Cooking with Flowers by my friend, Frances Bissell, who used to be cookery writer for The Times , arrives in the post. I have always loved the taste and scent of rose water and orange flower water, which unsurprisingly feature in a number of her recipes. Lavender, too! And my favourite, nasturtiums! She writes of using the flowers' scent as a flavouring as one might use a herb or spice. But there is no doubt that flowers also add to the appearance of a salad or a dessert, and there is plenty in her book to inspire in that direction as well.

Standing by the traffic lights at the top of Mount Pleasant and looking down the hill it is a pleasant surprise to find that you are at the same height as the clock tower over the station.

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