Thursday, May 05, 2011

conversation, labrador, scary

Sandals and trainers.

 In a field on the far side of a stream a youthful  black Labrador looks game to come across  and join us. "Keep out of the water Brian, " shouts it owner. "He thinks you've got a dog," says the owner  to us. Simultaneously I think to myself: Funny name for a dog. Couldn't be very bright if he can't see or smell that we have no dog. Rather insulting if Brian only wants to cross the stream in pursuit of an imaginary dog, rather than  simply to make our acquaintance. 

A photograph of a praying mantis takes up the whole of the double page spread in today's Independent. If this were a still from a science fiction horror movie it could  not be more scary: the heart shaped head; little lidless;  probing pair of antennae,  front legs waving in the air, middle pair of legs emerging from its round, green abdomen and back legs stretched out behind. Imagine a planet where insects were the dominant and most intelligent race.

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The Crow said...

I don't know about their intelligence, but I read recently that the number of insect species outnumbers the number on mammal species on our planet already.

Lord help us if they ever decide to revolt against us, eh?

Unknown said...

And they have been about longer too. Like you I cannot bring myself to like them or spiders.