Thursday, June 23, 2011

pose, potatatoes, butterfly

Posted by PicasaPose or suppose in The Grove.(Click for whole picture).

In the raised flower bed of a house in Sutherland Road which is all there is between the street and the front of the house, there are potatoes growing. A good use of space; no more than  3ft x 9ft, but what satisfaction of unearthing the buried tubers in a few weeks time, and several pounds of them.

Outside the fishmonger's a blackboard offers "butterflied mackerel". A miss-spelling of a  mispronunciation? I ask myself. But inside all is revealed: the mackerel have been boned and the two sides opened out like wings. They do the same with prawns. A new verb then: to butterfly.


Lucy said...

Spatchcocked mackerel!

CC said...

Yet another nice bird photo.

We've had and said "butterflied shrimp"
(prawns to you) here ever since I can remember.

The Crow said...

Is that a tiny toad there in the grass at the tail end of the blackbird? Two miniscule pearl-like eyes caught my attention.

Unknown said...

Crow I don't think so. Rather a worm cast. I think I would have noticed a toad and I suppose that a toad would have noticed the blackbird and the blackbird a toad.

The Crow said...

I was so preoccupied with what I thought were toad/frog eyes that I neglected to say your photo is a remarkable portrait of the bird...a fortuitous moment for you both, I think, for now Bird is immortalized.