Saturday, June 04, 2011

thrush, labels, polentoni

Posted by Picasa  A  young thrush poses for me not without suspicion in The Grove.

I  enjoy neatly labelling the rows of vegetable in the garden, but not, I suspect, as much as  visiting birds attracted by the white plastic strips, enjoy pulling them out and dropping them a few feet away.

I have always known that people who live in the south of Italy refer, with unkind intentions, to their northern neighbours intentions, as polenta eaters (polentoni) but I didn't know until today that northerners respond by calling southerners terroni a derogatory reference to their occupation with the soil.

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CC said...

Tuscans are called "Mangia fagioli", bean eaters.
In America Boston is known as "Bean Town.

Its world wide I'm afraid.

PS Love your thrush as I do all your bird pictures.