Thursday, August 25, 2011

basement, jargon, drizzle

Posted by Picasa In a basement window two cats and some washing catch my eye.

My sister-in-law talks about the jargon spoken  nowadays on committees. Her latest catch is " the lowest hanging fruit on the tree", meaning the most of obvious section of the market to appeal to. New to me.

All day, drizzle. A good word. Jane Austen wrote of a "mizzling rain", meaning the same thing. There is a cake meanwhile called lemon drizzle cake, a sort of sponge over which lemon syrup is drizzled when it is still hot.


The Crow said...

It would appear that you have caught the cats' interest, as well.

That lemon-drizzle cake sounds delicious, and a good reason to buy some lemons this week.

CC said...

I'd love to see what those cats posted after seeing you taking their picture.
Love the photo.