Wednesday, August 10, 2011

close, late, smile

Posted by PicasaLavatera close to the centre.

The bus back from Sevenoaks is late, very late. The manager in the enquires office says there has been a delay on the A 21 from Bromley. Delays are up to 3/4 hour. Along comes a blond woman with a  high pitched voice and a lively manner. "I've been waiting at the stop up the road", she says; "I was getting lonely." We explain the delay.  "I just want to go to the loo," she says. "Please get on the bus very slowly, so that it doesn't go without me. Say I'm very old."

Outside a dentists' practice in Sevenoaks I read: Atkinson Bignell Caring Dentists. Incorporating Sevenoaks Smile Studio.


The Crow said...

Lavatera is in the same family as the shrub we call Rose of Sharon or Rose Althea. The blossoms resemble each other, too.

When I was a young girl, we used to use the blossoms for dresses for our twig ladies, much like others used the hollyhock flowers for the same purpose.

Lovely close-up, there.

Unknown said...

Another name, usually applied to the wild variety, is mallow