Monday, October 31, 2011

mosaic friendhip snow

Posted by Picasa Autumn mosaic in The Grove. Colours this year are more intense than usual, everyone says. And everyone may be right.

On a bench sits a man with his arm round a big woolly dog. The dog sits on the bench beside him, one paw on his knee. A similar  woolly dog sits beside the feet of the man. Contentment.

Last year heavy snow falls before Christmas had me shovelling snow with a spade, not the best way of clearing the footpath. Today I buy a snow shovel or snow scoop as it calls itself.  It occurs to me that this new tool will probably prove to be a  charm against heavy snow fall, and may hang around all winter, just a pretty face.

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Roderick Robinson said...

Warning about snow scoops. Sometimes they're too efficient and you're able to scoop up so much snow it's almost impossible to chuck it to one side. Pensez sur le dos!