Monday, November 14, 2011

balls lamb foxy

Posted by Picasa There are two games - cricket and tennis - which have  given me more pleasure than any other, and still do vicariously. In my study two reminders of these sports persist in the forms of the appropriate balls. Where precisely they came from I cannot remember, but they remain pleasing souvenirs. I like the way, in this picture which I have just taken,  the cricket ball seems to be floating a few centimeters above the table, no deliberate photographic trick, just chance.

At the Farmers' Market on Saturday a couple who are sheep farmers sell finely sliced, smoked, air dried lamb, which resembles Parma ham or the Spanish Serrano ham which is cured in a similar way. I offer some to our guests who find it succulent. And so do I.

At The Compasses they talk of Spud Taylor who once attached a dog lead to a fox fur stole which, to the  consternation of the staff, he "took for a walk" round Marks & Spencer, stopping from time to time to admonish the ersatz animal,  for failing to keep up with him.


Roderick Robinson said...

Wonder if the cricket ball swings? A new, utterly virgin cricket ball is a thing of genuine beauty, usually with gilt lettering. A sort of sacrificial entity, made to be bashed out of shape. Faced with fast bowling I was a complete coward.

Lucy said...

Wish I'd seen that fox fur incident!

CC said...

I've seen on ETSY (the handmade crafts site)
scarves knitted to resemble old fox furs
The Fox's biting their own tails. These can be walked around while keeping one's neck warm.

Here's a Brit knitter on ETSY.....

Lucas said...

I've seen a cricket ball swing before yet never one that hovers like this one.