Thursday, November 10, 2011

window rescue 21

Posted by PicasaFeet and shoes.

There is a neighbour who loves other living creatures as St Francis must have done. I have seen here help trapped spiders.  She will rescue bird and door mice,  bees and  butterflies. The other day after heavy rain  a lot of earthworms come out to dry in the sun. Many have strayed on to the footpath. Without a moment's hesitation she begins meticulously to transfer the worms out of the way of thoughtless feet.

"I'd  like to be 21 again," says Bill at The Compasses, "and know then what I know now!"


tristan said...

Let's call that fifteen, Bill !

CC said...

I like the woman who rescues other living beings.

Lucy said...

I really like the picture, looks a bit science fiction, Cinderella and the body snatchers or something.