Wednesday, December 07, 2011

floor meeting unfound

Posted by Picasa"Get a shot of the floor," says L d P, drawing my attention to the worn linoleum at The Blogger's Retreat, a little feted but still potent attraction of the place. This is some time ago when he is still Barrett Bonden (How difficult the present tense becomes, when blogs fall and new ones spring forth). I oblige, not  realising how much the peeling surface fitted in with my attraction to layered and peeling render.

Every morning recently Mrs Plutarch draws my attention to a chimney stack down the road crowded with pigeons. For some reason they like to gather there as the day brightens.Why, we don't know. Perhaps because at the base of one of those chimney someone is stoking a good fire. After a while the pigeons give the impression of looking at their wrist watches and saying in chorus: " Goodness me, look at the time. Must be off to work."

Walt Whitman is quoted in the leader of the December National Geographic:
"But where is what I started for so long ago?
And why is it yet unfound?"
Sometimes questions are more satisfying than answers.


Roderick Robinson said...

A good example of one of our favourite adjectives, first used (at a hazy guess) in 1964. Palimpsestuous.

marja-leena said...

The Whitman quote reminds me of your and Lucy's 'Compasses' questions.

marja-leena said...

Sorry, meant the "Questions" part over there...

Unknown said...

LdP In the days before word-processing you applied it to my over corrected manuscripts. This must be the first time that the word has been used to describe floor covering.

M-L I agree. I had the same thought. You are thinking I believe of my 50 sonnet series which Lucy so imaginatively illustrated under the title Handbook for Explorers, in the early days of our joint Compasses site.