Friday, December 30, 2011

incident starlings abandoned

Posted by Picasa In my archive today I come across this photograph of a painting which I did some years ago. It is one of a few pictures of which I am reasonably proud. It is called Incident on the Beach. Looking back on it I realise that it focuses, on my relationship with women and with beaches, both of which are important to me.  Perhaps that is obvious. I rather miss having it around.

Starlings in The Grove again. Today they occupy a different tree. Before seeing them I hear the gentle whistles and fluting sounds which so appeal. There are only a few today. Larger groups make more of  a din. I remember when  they used to take  over Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, Nelson's Column and the trees in St James Park. I remember in particular meeting my friend Anna  by appointment on the steps of the National Gallery on one such day when the starlings were in charge. "They are making  a noise like breaking glass," she said.

On a pillar in front of a house in Mount Sion someone has abandoned a paperback. It is called Double Decker. It is by Jacqueline Wilson whom I know of  as a best-selling author of children's books. I pass it twice. On the first occasion it is closed. On the second I note that someone, or maybe the wind, has opened it exposing the title page. It is raining  and the paper is sodden.


Roderick Robinson said...

You don't say why it isn't around. Perhaps you sold it for a huge sum and are therefore weeping a form of crocodile tears. Often such label titles don't work but in this case "incident" is quite precise; despite the fact that the faces are featureless they are, nevertheless, animated. Something has happened and the women have been affected. Quite an achievement.

marja-leena said...

Lovely colours and animated postures suggesting a bit of surprise or consternation on the part of the shorter females as they regard the taller one. Interesting to contemplate possible story lines here. I also had the same question as LdP.

Unknown said...

I have noticed that from time to time Blogger deletes a sentence or a clause without my realising it. Originally, I wrote that I had sold the picture, some years ago, to someone with whom I was no longer in touch. There was at one stage a little dog at which one of the women was looking, but the picture was greatly improved when I painted over it.

Lucas said...

Joyce loves the painting of Women on the Beach and says to tell you she thinks it is beautiful.
I think it says a lot with great clarity of line and colour.

Joyce adds the shapes and colours are what she loves.