Saturday, January 21, 2012

cloud alive silver

Posted by PicasaPigeons flying across a cloud wheel in the wind.

As I am leaving the train a woman points to an almost deflated balloon. It is bright green and still has enough gas in it to make it bob up and down on the floor beside a seat as though it has a vestige of life in it. A woman waiting for the train door to open points it out to me. I think it scares her. "I thought it was a plastic bag", she says.  You can't be too careful nowadays.

The sky is silver over The Grove this afternoon. In places where the sun is, dazzling; in others, its tones reduced. Higher up there is a hint of pale blue, but other colours are scarce. In the foreground: the trunks of silver birches.


CC said...

My cousin had a pet Ferret for a number of years. When I asked him the Ferret's name
he replied, "Peeve". His pet Peeve! :~)

True story!

Tom said...

I found your post quite intriguing. What is it, I wonder, about partially deflated balloons - even the barrage type - that engenders such discomfort? Like all kids (presumably), my twin daughters had balloons when they were kids. If they burst they were unconcerned. If, however, they slowly deflated to that soft, wrinkly, flabby stage they were horrified to the point of fear. Their name for those deflated balloons? Shamies!

Unknown said...

cc Are ferrets peevish? I have never known one well. Perhaps your cousin's pet deserved its name.

Tom There is certainly something about balloons in this state which is disturbing. It is I suppose the sense of their being half alive. I have watched paper and plastic bags inflated by the wind behaving in a similar manner. Sam Mendes caught the mystery in a sequence in American Beauty which you may have seen.
Shamies is good. Come to think of it,there must be other things to which the word might be applied.

CC said...

Should have mentioned how much I like your clouds and soaring birds. Enlarged, the colors and composition are quite fine.