Thursday, February 02, 2012

shirts worth it sea gulls

Posted by PicasaA gathering of shirts in a window.

One of the workmen repairing a sofit under the roof of our house, reminisces about parking difficulties . Problems haven't changed much since the 1980s. "I was unloading my van," he says; "the meter man said you can have five minutes. I said it will take longer than five minutes to unload this lot. So straight away he wrote out a notice and stuck it on the window. I picked it up and put it in his pocket. Then I hit him and he fell back. He sat down on his bottom. It cost me £60.00 - a fine of £50 and £10 00 for the parking. But it was worth worth it!"

The other day I remarked that sea gulls flew often over but never landed in The Grove. Today to prove me wrong a small flock of gulls flutters in one corner and settles over a heap of crumbs left by a well-wisher.  Until along comes the crow, which regularly asserts its authority over the park. Like a thick black arrow it makes for the crowd of gulls which rises up in the air in alarm, settles on the surrounding roofs to await the crow's departure.


CC said...

Seems between the meter man and the Crow each species has its rules.

Roderick Robinson said...

A group of seagulls should be no problem at all. In that recent telly series about migrating birds in flight (which turns out to be something of a fraud - some of the birds being trained) a group of crows see off a golden eagle. A bit like coming across George Osborne praying: the world order appeared to have been reversed.

Unknown said...

Crow meanwhile rules. I wondered about those birds. Trained as photographers, I wonder?