Tuesday, February 07, 2012

snowdrops twins wobbly

Posted by PicasaAfter the snow, snowdrops. A montage of last years photographs made while this years open in the remains of the snow.

As we walk down Grosvenor Road  two fresh  young mums advance up the hill towards us. Each is behind a pushchair designed for twins and in each pushchair sits a set of twins. A formidable flotilla.

One of two elderly ladies says to the other as they board the bus not without a little palaver, "I've got a wobbly leg and you've got a wobbly arm." Wobbly times.


CC said...

A bit wobbly myself, at times. :~)

Roderick Robinson said...

As Mrs LdP grows ever more bold about buying stuff online, the flow of brochures through our letter-box increases. Recently she received a catalogue from a snowdrop specialist. The prices rose to £50 a bulb. Since snowdrops are usually planted in clumps of at least a dozen this presumed a deep pocket. And there I was thinking they were natural flowers bestowed by a Benign God who watches Gardener's World.

Unknown said...

L d P I do, however she buys them, advise Mrs d P toobtain snowdrops "in the green" rather than as bulbs. Those I bought as plants, at more less this time of year from the WI some years ago have flourished. Bulbs planted in Autumn never did. But it sounds as though the green is what she is planning.