Sunday, April 08, 2012

fishing snarling looking

Fishing boats  and tackle on  Hastings  beach from  the  balcony of the new Jerwood art gallery. What goes on outside is sometimes as interesting as as the art inside.

It might have turned out to be what is euphemistically called an incident. Crossing the zebra in front of us is a squat man with a squat dog.  The dog is is pulling fiercely at its lead. The man is fiercely restraining the dog. Both have snarling faces. Seldom has the observation that dog and dog-owner  resemble one another seemed truer. Suddenly the man turns round and snarls, "what are you looking at?"  For a moment, though neither of us has said what we are both thinking, it seems that our minds have been read. Though again there is no where else to look other than in front of us. But simultaneously behind us a couple also crossing the road are making aloud the remark which is coming to our lips. Maybe all four us are being challenged. Fortunately the snarling dog pulls the snarling man on its way.

Sandrine's Skin and Laser Clinic in the High Street enquires via a poster outside its doors politely, "Are you looking for the real you?

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