Monday, April 02, 2012

sign clever dog clever cat

Inn sign  at the three Michelin star, The Fat Duck at Bray.

We are talking dogs at The Compasses. " I had a clever dog once," he says, " a cross, very clever.  If I wanted to go  to the working mens's club.,I'd say, ' we'er going now, get my hat' .  He'd fetch it right away. If he wanted a pee in the club, he 'd push the  door of  the gents and cock his leg over the urinal. He had to bark to be let out, mind because the door opened the other way."

I hear a voice as I approach the entrance to Calverley Ground. It is the tall old woman who takes her cat for a walk. She is talking to her cat. As I draw level, she says, "I was telling him he wouldn't be able to get down from that wall, but he has. And sure enough down comes the tabby from the wall to continue their walk.

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CC said...

Very enjoyable post.
Love the sign.
Love the dog tale and
especially love the old woman and her cat story.