Thursday, June 07, 2012

herd Vivaldi new

Although no expert I suspect that the breed of this herd is Sussex. It is hard to resist  photographing such gentle  beasts especially when cows and their calves are allowed to enjoy the rich summer meadow together.

In the garage through which I have to pass to reach the vegetable garden a Vivaldi  CD is playing. Builders are renovating the house. Someone is extending an ornamental pond in the garden and the regular gardener is mowing the lawn. Wheelbarrows, lawn-mowers and skips, stacks of gravel and quartets.

I begin a new note book. I enter the date.  I started the last one was June 28 2011. I realise that I began this blog in June 2005 which means that I have been seven years ablogging.


marja-leena said...

"Cows in the meadow, moo moo!" - part of a childrens' song we used to sing all together on long car trips, every we time we'd see cows.

Congratulations on your seven years blogging - and best wishes for many more. We'd never have met without this amazing medium.

Lucy said...

What richly coloured beasts.

A seven year blogging birthday seems quite a special anniversary. Congratulations and many happy returns!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog from Qarrtsiluni.

Your magical three observations and one photo a day is very pleasing!

When I have time, I've been going backward through the archives and was happy to see a wealth of archives to enjoy.

I'm not much for leaving comments, but I'll probably be looking for the new 3s every day!