Friday, June 22, 2012

late-comer disaster horse

Cistus flowers in the afternoon visited by a late bee.

An optimist and a fantasist with little sense of time I am concerned to read to day that The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will crash into one another in 4 billion years.

In the supermarket I bring some mushrooms to the checkout. "What sort of a mushrooms are these? Do you know?" asks the check out girl. "I think they're closed-cup," I say, "but I didn't look." She examines the screen above her electronic till to identify them. "Not closed-cup," she says and summons help." After further consultation it turns out that they are horse mushrooms. Excitement all round. "Magic mushrooms." snicker the young men behind me in the queue who are stocking up with cases of beer and cider.


Lucy said...

Andromeda milk shakes anyone?

Saw some horse mushrooms in a public park the other day; I was with friends and a bit occupied so I didn't stop to pick them. I'm not crazy about them, they're rather large and bland with a slightly aniseed/almond taste which I'm never sure about. And it's an odd time of year for them (must be all the rain), so they might turn out to be a bit fly-blown. Didn't know they were available in supermarkets, they'll be selling punnets of elderberries next (don't tell me they already are...)

Unknown said...

These did not look like the horse mushrooms I know.
They must have been cultivated. Very small, like buttons. I dare say they would have grown into the ones you and I might have recognised.

Lucas said...

Incredible detail in the backlit bee and white flower. I clicked on the picture and the effect is enhanced.