Monday, August 06, 2012

burning bush tidying hydrangeas

I have often wondered about the burning bush in The Bible. How could a bush apparently on fire not be quickly reduced to ashes?  But you were not supposed to question the scriptures. If it says "burning" then it was afire and that was the end of it. The other evening a solution presented itself. The sun was setting. And behold there in a corner of The Grove  was a burning bush. And the bush was not consumed by fire, and Plutarch was well pleased.

Making something tidy that was an appalling mess is mighty satisfying. After the scaffolds have gone we prune the hedge which we could not reach, sweep up the scraps of old paintwork and other detritus, tie back shrubs achieve stage one of restoration, put away unwanted pots and tools ... and pause to reflect. Things are just beginning to get back to normal. Normal is a beauteous thing at the moment. And then on cue it rains. The residual dust  settles or is washed away and  as the sun reappears surfaces shine.

Among things I used to dislike are hydrangeas. There was one in a corner of my grandmother's garden. It spoke to me of dusty neglect and a sort of despair. Subsequent hydrangeas had a similar effect. Today I realise that I have learnt to like these showy flowers especially the lace cap variety. I pass a bed and marvel at them, some pink, some blue, like a mosaic come to life.


The Crow said...

And, Lo! Plutarch the Scribe's words lit a fire of laughter and joy in the heart of the Crow, and it was good.

Delightful post and image...and logical explanation of the burning bush phenomenon.

Unknown said...

And The Crow was glad. And there was much merriment. And the birds in the trees did laugh. And the fishes in the sea, also.

The Crow said...

I am undone by the fishes in the sea!

i'm all ears said...

Hi GP Joe, it's Giselle. As a family we've had a severe phone massacre so all numbers have been lost and I thought this would be the best way to contact you. Mum & co are all still in Australia and last I heard from them they are sailing and seeing penguins and generally having a wonderful time. Hope you and Heidi are both well, lots of love Giselle xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Giselle

Odd way to communicate. Our telephone number is 01892 544484. Please call. Hope to hear from you. I have been following the Australian adventure blog but it seems to have dried up. By coincidence I tried to telephone you this very morning. But was probably a victim of the phone massacre. Talk soon.