Wednesday, August 22, 2012

setting testing competing

Sunset over The Common and vapour trails over Gatwick from Mount Sion.

In the health food shop where I buy mint tea and the like,  they have a machine for checking bank notes. Someone has taped on to it a note which says "All notes must be checked". The lady at the counter inserts my £10 note and nothing happens. She tries again. No ping of approval or whatever is supposed to happen. "Never mind," she says and pops the note in the till. "I've only just printed it," I am on the point of saying. But I have come to realise that it may be a mistake to joke about money matters as it is about terrorism. So my remark joins my ever growing stock of Esprits de l'escalier.

Outside The Compasses Ron tells me of his sporting prowess. "I always won the 100 yards at school,"he says. Afterwards I went on running until the county champion beat me after giving me a 10 yard start. I never ran again after that. I'm very competitive. I don't like losing. After that I turned to weight lifting. After six weeks my chest had broadened from 32 in to 40 in and I had pecs like bricks".

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