Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pond forecasts rhubarb

 There's more in a pond than meets the eye.

Is it weather forecasts like the BBC's  updated  regularly and frequently  on the web that explains why people you meet nowadays  are no longer content  simply to complain about the weather but  have to tell you what it is going to do? The woman with the Pomeranian tells us this afternoon in The Grove  that it is going to snow on Thursday. "On Thursday!" she repeats. Problem is she must be consulting a source different from mine. On my computer the BBC foresees a full day of sunshine. I do tend to watch the weather because of my gardening plans, but most of the time I would rather wait and see what it has to offer.

Rhubarb plants at the Farmers' Market. After visiting the Bank I return to buy some. Shall I have three of four? I measure the width of the bed in my mind. I ask for three. The man standing behind me in front of the stall  says, "and I'll have the other three." A run on rhubarb then.

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Lucas said...

I like the pond picture. Could be microscopic art....
Also new format works well. I tried to see if I could remove the frames on my practice blog but the frames seem to be part of the format.