Friday, November 29, 2013

Balance, pace and youth


A hoist among the fishing boats on Hastings beach. From the archive.

I'm still hobbling but improving. To my surprise I have to stop myself from asking daughter Pippa why she is walking so slowly when she is of course slowing down to accommodate my laggardly place.

A young doctor breezes in  to Heidi's room to talking to us about her progress (good so far). He is a good communicator and we agree on the quality of his bedside manner. But Pippa  to say nothing of Heidi and me, are struck by his youth. They say that policeman are getting younger, but this doctor seems just out school.



Tom said...

Good to hear that improvement is the order of the day.

Roderick Robinson said...

The most salutary expression of the age gap occurred when interviewing young people for jobs on the magazines I edited. To put them at their ease I occasionally asked about their leisure interests (I'm not sure I did this very well) notably music. But these children belonged to a generation for whom the Beatles were as dusty as Brahms.

Bedside manner. This can of course vary. I am most often comforted (and flattered) by those who offer unrelieved techno-speak. As if I were a car in for repair rather than a somewhat more complex human being.