Friday, February 14, 2014

Gold, kindness, better

Gold from the archives.

Seldom have  I been more grateful for a small kindness that seemed to be a huge one. Foolish enough to leave off a painkiller this morning. I have to call on the help of neighbour Pammie. The cup of tea and sandwich she makes for me is a life saver.

Although the GP is  away today he rings me, kindly and helpful as ever to tweak the painkiller. A better end to a bad day.

Gold from the archives.

Seldom have I been more grateful for a small kindness. After being foolish enough to leave off  a painkiller this morning I had to depend on my neighbor Pammie to make me a cupo


The Crow said...

I hope it isn't inappropriate for me to wish you a happy Valentine's Day. Love, in the guise of neighborly friendship and your physician's concern, didn't need Cupid's intervention, making their attentions all the sweeter, I think.

(Google is using the anti-robot sign-in to spread Valentine's Day sentiments. This one asks me to type the word 'romance.' An earlier one, at another blog, asked me to write 'sweet valentine.' Nice.)

Tom said...

Good to know you have good friends within easy reach.

On another tack, and as you have expressed an interest, tonight I cooked braised Monkfish curry (from Awadh)and potato curry (Jammu and Kashmir). If I have ever said a word against any fish or one single potato, may the gods forgive me. It was de-lish-us.

Lucy said...

Dear Joe, I hope you sleep well and have a better day tomorrow.

My soppy Valentines' day WV is 'Love'. Which is enough, and all you need (along with good analgesics sometimes), and fine by me.

Rouchswalwe said...

Ah, a neighbour who knows the ways of kindness ... that's gold, too. My neighbour recently offered me a ride to work when the old Buick couldn't make it out of the icy driveway.

Unknown said...

Crow Not inappropriate at all. I value your sweet thought and will treasure it.

Tom Thanks for the recipe I have been thinking about a monkfish curry which I will now pursue.

Lucy Cheers. Love must be better than analgesics. One or the other has worked to day.

R Kindness often seems the best and richest of virtues. I can understand how a small thing like a ride to work offered out of the blue can become something very special. It certainly resonates with my own experience.