Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the beginning, anaemia and pomegranate

The beginning of a story about a cat.

Doc rings to say that my haemoglobin count is low. I that why, I ask him,  I spend so much time staring in front of me without doing anything else? Yes, he says. He says he will ring later to say whether I should still increase the new medication, which may be causing the anaemia

A large  pomegranate greets me this morning. I roll it about on the table to loosen the pods within. I peel it as carefully as possible  to reveal the structure of the pods, which I begin carefully to pull apart allowing the pips to separate easily and the pith to be discarded. This seems to me to be the sum of the wisdom which I have accumulated over the years from my own experience with pomegranates and the advice of others.


Stella said...

Your photography is so very nice. I hadn't thought to peel a pomegranite, always start by cuttung in half like a grapefruit. When I was a kid it was a once a year treat to buy one, and now they are twice the size and available almost always. How about a photograph of pomegranite seeds?

Lucy said...

You are an aficionado of pomegranates, as we know. I think your method is the best. The 'in half like a grapefruit' one, which I too grew up with, is, I would venture to say, the very worst, and the prevalence of the practice accounts for many people's alienation from the fruit, even quarters like an orange is better.

Would it help the anaemia to eat lots of chicken livers?