Thursday, August 11, 2005

Runner beans, ladybird, sudokus

After commenting on Clare Grant's beautiful thing ( - runner beans eaten raw, I put my words into practice. This morning's crop of beans was not very large, but the beans were tender, snapped in half crisply and tasted of pure vegey green. The dip I made eventually for our guests this evening was a mixture of creme fraiche (sorry no accents) and cream cheese (about half and half) seasoned with ground, tropical pepper corns. The beans were cut into equal sized fingers. The beans and the sauce disappeared with gratifying speed. After making the sauce, I read Clare's response to my comment - something creamy and slightly sweet. Clare, I think I may have matched your requirements.

The almost pathetic satisfaction of completing the three sudokus in today's Independent - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

There are two french words for ladybird. Coccinelle doesn't matter. But bete de Bon Dieu (sorry no accent) is lovely.

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