Sunday, August 21, 2005

Squirrels, Whiskas, Stefan Zweig

We count squirrels in the Grove. There were eight in sight at one time.

Waiting for friends at the end of the Sainsbury'check out, I look for double meanings in the advertisments suspended above the aisles. One reads "Whiskas can rabbit supermeat". Idly I wonder what else it can rabbit. Or is someone going to tell me that to rabbit is invariaby an intransitive verb?

In today's paper, I read an article about Stefan Zweig, a once world famous novelist, born in Austria in 1881, and Pushkin Press, a British independent publishing house, which aims to bring European Literature in translation to a wider readership. This afternoon, on a stall in the market in the Pantiles, I see numerous titles from Pushkin Press for sale at five for £10. The cover prices range between £10 and £12. They are beautifully printed on Legend Laid Paper, with elegant cover illustrations taken from appropriate paintings. I select what I think are five titles, including two by Zweig, but I have in fact picked up six. The stallholder says "I like people who like books," and throws in the sixth, all for £10.00

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