Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bird posters, apple time, autumn

A series of beautiful bird posters are arriving every morning with the Independent newspaper. Yesterday we had garden birds, today sea and coast birds. The illustrations are of a substantial size and make recognition easier than most. The captions are succinct but full of useful detail. By the end of the week there will be the equivalent of a whole bird book.

The apple trees which I planted five or six years ago and espaliered against a fence in the vegetable garden for the first time produced enough apples to be useful. The variety is James Grieve, not seen much nowadays, and certainly not in supermarkets. A bowl of the green apples, which are often tinged with sunrise reds and pinks, is a rewarding sight. And so is the spurt of juice when you bite into one straight from the tree.

Autumn is in the air. "I do not regret the passing of my youth," wrote Flaubert. "I love only the autumn of my life as I love the autumn of the year. Spring is idiotic and summer upsets me. Let's not think about winter..."

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