Friday, September 29, 2006

Waves, no, lonely cloud

For eight nights our bedroom two floors above the sea and half way along the narrow road, which borders the beach, echoed to the sound of waves breaking. After a while we could tell from the noise what state the sea would be in, inthe morning and whether it would be suitable for proper swimming or simply vigorous jumping over the breakers. A continuous roar meant rough water and powerful breakers. A pause between the sound of a wave breaking and the next, meant a calm sea. When we got home last night it was hard to get to sleep for the complete silence.

Two pieces of widely visible grafitti in the country outside Sitges stay in my mind. The first simply said in Catalan: "No a tot", which means: "No to everything". The second in the same ironic mode, in Spanish: "Todo lo que me gusta esta prohibido" which means "Everything which I like is forbidden".

It was a pleasure to photograph a solitary cloud in the evening sky, and to see the cloud on the screen when we got home.


Lucas said...

These "postcards" from the edge of the ocean resonate with a sense of another world, an earthly place with sights and sounds to revel in. It is sometimes hard to come up with a comment - except thank you for sharing.
And also an appreciation of the Spanish Graffiti artists, you have kindly translated for "us at home."

tristan said...

welcome back !

Unknown said...

Thanks. And Cheers!

kancerbero said...