Tuesday, October 10, 2006

caught, clock pigeons, chyrsanthemums

A shadow takes a photograph of its owner.

A cluster of pigeons occupies the roof of the four-sided clock tower, which stands above the railway station. The pigeons look like voluntary ornaments. The clock has been out of order for several months. This may explain the boldness of the pigeons.

The golden, yellow-highlighted, glowing flowers of russet Chrysanthemums, are the best of all Autumn colours. They sum up the gentleness of the season, only mildly tinged with sadness. of the season. Posted by Picasa


tristan said...

cor blimey !

what makes you think you own your shadow ?

tristan said...

close your fizzing eyes and hold me tight !

within your arms my salty skin confines a subtle passion

which checkmates my heart in ninety-nine easy-to-remember moves.

glitter for me and i will glow for you

until all the TNT in china fizzles and fades

as CHRYSANTHEMUMS do beneath october's brutal frosty stars ...

Unknown said...

Cor blimey. Usage. Even you say "your" shadow. "Your" is a possesive pronoun, as is "his".

Unknown said...

Nice quote. Who wrote it? Cheers