Thursday, December 14, 2006

Clematis seed, ghost story, unexpected cards

A single seed-head of clematis makes a startling photograph with the help of some fine tuning; the white fronds, tinged with yellow, which are attached to the cluster of seeds in the centre, look like a wild head of hair.

A friend who moved to Bury St Edmunds includes a ghost story in her letter. "Recently, a local dress shop was exorcised because the proprietor heard strange things in her basement, and the dog refused to go down there, his fur all standing en brosse. I'm told I have a secret passage, and I have heard conversations in the night - maybe a frustrated monk seeking a glass of mead, is buried in the foundations". The story is sharpened by an invation to stay.

Every year there is a surprise among the Christmas cards; somebody you didn't expect to hear from reminds you of old times. Usually the surprise is a pleasant one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
Forgive me for posting this on your blog, feel free to delete this comment. I found you through looking for information on 41 Little Mount Sion that my wife and I are in the process of purchasing. Do you have any information about the place or perhaps could spare the time to tell me what its like living in the village?

Thanks for your time


Rashmi said...

Can we see this photograph please?

Unknown said...

Give us a ring. I'm in the book. I'd love to tell you what I know about the village. Joe