Saturday, December 30, 2006

perspective, daffodil shoots, rain

This morning I think: the daily habit of looking out for positive, beautiful or amusing things, could be thought of as an escape from reality. But far from ignoring the ugly and the cruel, it puts them in their place.

In the Grove, daffodil shoots are begining to show. I see an iris in flower in a nearby garden.

Rain beats again the window pane this afternoon and buffets the bay tree outside. It's pleasant to read beside the window and listen to the rain.


Belinda said...

Oh! Daffodil shoots? Iris? This is when I miss England.

But I sat beside a window this morning and watched snow soldiers plummet from the sky like a silent army! The stand of maples on the hill was hidden, not by English fog, but by a curtain of snow. It had a beauty of its own.

Still enjoying your writing and the window into England you give me. I was there for a week in December for my mum's 80th birthday celebration. I wrote a funny post on my blog entitled "Disposable?" about the lovely champagne flutes we bought from Sainsbury's to avoid washing up and which no-one wanted to dispose of.

Unknown said...

Don't you think daffodil shoots on December 29 are a little worrying? The iris in flower, too! Maybe we could do with some snow soldiers. Thanks for visiting